Az anyaság "sötét oldaláról" posztol humoros fotókat egy Instagram-anyuka

2015-ben adott életet hármas ikreinek. Azóta némiképp megváltozott az élete. Ezt dokumentálja vicces fényképein.

Desiree Fortin egy kaliforniai anyuka, aki Instagramján búcsúzik azoktól az időktől, amikor még nem voltak gyermekei. Vicces posztjaiban megemlékezik a romantikusan, kettesben eltöltött vacsorákról, a csöndes utazásoktól, és azoktól a napoktól is, amikor nem kellett 24 órát azzal töltenie, hogy kimossa a szennyest.

A fotói persze csak poénból készülnek, főként a többi, hozzá hasonló élethelyzetben lévő édesanya szórakoztatására. Ha visszamehetne az időben, semmin nem változtatna. Imádja a gyermekeit.

Férjével, Ryannel 2015 augusztusában születtek meg a hármas ikreik, Charlize, Sawyer, és Jax. Az életük akkor fenekestül felfordult. Ezt dokumentálják a humoros posztokkal.

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Between yesterday and today I’m a Hot Mommy Mess!! If you saw my stories yesterday then you saw I found myself in urgent care getting 7 stitches from slicing my ring finger on a broken glass cup while trying to do the dishes. The worst part was having to take my rings off after it was swollen! WEARY FACE My kids are weirdos and obsessed with “the blood” pictures. Fast forward to today. This morning in the midst tantrum chaos I tripped and fell and landed on my back. Ry has to come from work. I could barely move and was in a lot of pain. Needless to say, I sprained some joints in my lower back. I’ve been icing it and trying to rest, which feels impossible. I feel a bit incapable and it is hard mothering with back pain DISAPPOINTED BUT RELIEVED FACEwhat is happening to me?!?! Ayayay so thankful to have Ry home HEAVY BLACK HEART️ and of course, thankful for “My Doctors.” (SWIPEWHITE RIGHT POINTING BACKHAND INDEXEMOJI MODIFIER FITZPATRICK TYPE-1-2WHITE RIGHT POINTING BACKHAND INDEXEMOJI MODIFIER FITZPATRICK TYPE-1-2WHITE RIGHT POINTING BACKHAND INDEXEMOJI MODIFIER FITZPATRICK TYPE-1-2)

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Is this not the truth, #ripmomtruths FLUSHED FACEFLUSHED FACEAs parents we spend our money on all the normal things for our kids like diapers, wipes, food, bottles, etc. and then we spend our money on unexpected expenses like the time my kids stuck a bar of soap down the toilet and we had to buy a brand new toilet. I know we all have had stories like this, what’s yours?? • • I’m also pretty lucky our kids are potty trained during the day (saves x3) We only wear our diapers at night!! And we love @honest!! (Their products are amazing!!) My summer goal is to hopefully get the trio potty trained at night. Jax has been consistently waking up with a dry diaper for the last week, so I think he will be our first officially fully potty trained kid PERSON RAISING BOTH HANDS IN CELEBRATIONEMOJI MODIFIER FITZPATRICK TYPE-1-2 Time To give the undies a try!HEAVY BLACK HEART️ • • Tee: @lennylemons

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Pretty much sums it up FACE WITH TEARS OF JOYFACE WITH TEARS OF JOYFACE WITH TEARS OF JOY I wouldn’t trade my world for all the things that RIP now that I’m a Mom (like privacy in the shower and sleepFACE WITH TEARS OF JOYSEE-NO-EVIL MONKEY) But this is so true!!! While the hubby and I try hard to make sure we each can have some quiet time to shower and get ready for the day, my babes still find a way to barge in and stare me down shouting, "bagina!!!!" Yes. Most people shower naked. "Mommy’s Boobies." FACE WITH TEARS OF JOYSEE-NO-EVIL MONKEY •Loved capturing this moment on our @letterfolk letter board! PERSON RAISING BOTH HANDS IN CELEBRATIONEMOJI MODIFIER FITZPATRICK TYPE-1-2 •We are going to do a fun letterboard serious of things that RIP once you’re a parent!! What RIP mom truths do you have?? Towels: @zoocchini #ripmomtruths

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R.I.P. Mom truth: • R.I.P. Romantic Dinners. Valentine’s dinner looks something like this in our house HEAVY BLACK HEART️FACE WITH TEARS OF JOYI wouldn’t trade the chaos and anticlimactic romance for anything!! However, Ry is spoiling me later in the week and taking me to @montagelaguna HEAVY BLACK HEART️️ Spoiled. • I do have to say though in all honesty, while romantic dinners aren’t what they used to be for us, not to mention the fact that there is more planning and less spontaneity involved, Ryan and I try to make a date night happen every few weeks! It is so important that we do that for each other, for our marriage, and for ourselves. We can usually be found at our favorite restaurant, @solaceencinitas eating cheese and drinking wine!! Happy Valentine’s EveTWO HEARTS • Side note: Sawyer kept calling me a princess in my @modcloth pink fancy dress and it melted me heart everywhere!!! Letterboard: @letterfolk Knitted dolls: @cuddleandkind Apparel: @juneandjanuary Leather bag: @buffalo_jackson Socks: @happysocks Building blocks: @bannortoys • • • • • • #happinesseverywhere #happysocks #juneandjanuary #ig_motherhood #kidsfashion #mommyblogger #triplets #twinsandmultiples #momlife #motherhoodunited #unitedinmotherhood #channelmum #photooftheday #happy #ivf #infertility #cuddleandkind #romance #letterboards #letterfolk #valentines #momtruths #pregnancyandbeyond #bannortoys #motherhoodunplugged #parentingtruths #momlife #happyvalentinesday #theweekoninstagram #wivesandmothers #ripmomtruths

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I hated breastfeeding. There. I said it. When my triplets were born I experienced some complications and nearly lost my life. My Doctor told me I would likely not be able to breastfeed, but miraculously my body produced enough milk for all 3 babies. It was such a miracle and I was so proud of my body for functioning the way it was supposed to. I came to the NICU everyday with milk that I pumped the night before and I would take turns nursing the triplets hoping to experience “the bond” I often heard about. When we finally came home with our babies, I pumped exclusively. The triplets all had GERD, which made feedings stressful because each baby needed individual attention. And I was already so exhausted, pumping didn’t help. But I kept telling myself I needed to do this for my babies. I felt like I would be failing them (and myself) otherwise. A “friend”even told me that “formula is poison.” What a disappointment I would be if I chose to stop. The weeks continued to go by and I was in a fog. I knew I wasn’t myself. I started to despise breastfeeding and even felt jealous of my husband as he laid in bed while I stuck a machine to my boobs. There was such a tug-a-war in my heart. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed because I didn’t want to breastfeed anymore. Guilt can ruin you. When the babies were 3 months old I finally saw my Doctor to seek help for my postpartum anxiety and depression. It was one of the hardest steps, but the best thing I could have done for myself. I needed help. I was exhausted, in a depression, just not my normal self. The very first thing she suggested was to stop breastfeeding. She even wrote me a prescription that said “stop breastfeeding.” I felt like she gave me permission to stop. So I did. If you take anything from this, take this: Fed is best. Breastfed. Formula fed. It doesn’t matter. Either way, you’re an amazing mom. Surround yourself with people who will support you because you need that, especially as a Mom. Ultimately, we are all working hard to raise good humans, so let’s stand together Mama’s and support each other. HEAVY BLACK HEART️ Tee: @themomculture Necklace: @madewithlovebyangie code: THEFORTINTRIO 10% off

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Delivery Day. My #tripletbump FISTED HAND SIGNEMOJI MODIFIER FITZPATRICK TYPE-1-2TWO HEARTSPERSON RAISING BOTH HANDS IN CELEBRATIONEMOJI MODIFIER FITZPATRICK TYPE-1-2 Carrying 3 babies made me feel like such a strong bad ass pregnant chicFACE WITH TEARS OF JOY!!! What a journey The Lord has made for me. I wanted to share this photo today because I am so excited and honored to announce that I am taking over @thebump for #familyfriday Come join me!!! #thebump • • • • #mommytakeover #pregnant #pregnancy #mommyblogger #pregnantandperfect #momsandmamas #pregnancytest #pregnancy_beyond #mother #wivesandmothers #aheadofthecurve #triplets #twinsandmultiples #mommy #momlife #blogger #infertility #ivf #inspirepregnancy #inspire #hope #prego #tripletrouble #pregnantbelly

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