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Excuse me, I don't know if I am at the wright place, because I don't speak hungarian.

Well, I'm French but my father was hungarian. I'd like to give a hungarian name to my son. I really like "Milan". I know that it is on the hungarian calendar now and also that it is used most of the time by the Serbians. So for an Hungarian, is it a strange, unusual or shocking name ? Does many Hungarians give this name now to their childrens ?

Please, give me an advise, it will be realy helpfull (In fact, I'm a little bit scared that my cousin Zsolt doesn't approuve my choice...)


Hi Philippe,

if I have a son, I will give him the name "Milán" too! So is my nickname here by "babanet" : Milena.

I think, the name Milán is more and more usual in Hungary. But it was earlyer usual too. We have a hungarian writer (1888-1967) with the name Füst Milán.

So, the name is okey
have fun with your son


It isn't unusual in hungary.The nameday is in HU Mai 19.,July 18. and September 11.The main nameday is may 19.This name means nice.



Milan was the 49th on the popularity list in Hungary in 1996 and it's even more popular since then. But this name has Serbian origin, not Hungarian.
You can find all the Hungarian names here: http://www.origo.hu/utonevtar/index.html.



Je crois que Milan passe bien ici. Peu importe s'il n'y en a pas 2000 dans le pays... Kép La chose la plus importante est que c'est facile a le prononcer, et ca ne donne pas d'occasion de se moquer (il n'y a pas des mots bizarres qu'on pourrait associer avec Milan).

Bonne chance pour le bébé (chez nous il sera Maxim...)

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